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Surround plan enrollee:

In July, the MNPS Insurance Trust voted to move all Cigna Medicare Surround Plan enrollees to the Cigna True Choice Medicare Advantage PPO (with limited exceptions), effective January 1, 2023. This change will reduce costs for you and MNPS, while preserving — and in many cases, enhancing — the rich benefits MNPS already offers retirees and their families.


What this means for you: On January 1, 2023, you will automatically be switched from the Surround plan to the Cigna Medicare Advantage PPO (MAPD-PPO), unless you meet the criteria for an exception that will allow you to stay enrolled in the Surround plan (see FAQ and Exceptions Form below). This switch means:

  • Your 2023 premiums will be $50/month ($101.04/month less than you’re paying now). That’s because MNPS receives federal subsidies and, in turn, passes those savings on to you in the form of a much lower monthly premium.

  • You can see any provider as long as they accept Medicare and agree to bill Cigna.

  • You will pay the same cost whether your provider is in-network or out-of-network.

  • You will enjoy the same or better benefits than the Surround Plan. For example, you will no longer have to pay 50% of your Part B deductible. In fact, you won’t have a deductible at all! For most services, you’ll pay $0 or a $20 copay, no more coinsurance.

  • The MAPD-PPO’s generous benefits include:

    • $0 copay for primary care office visits, diagnostic tests and x-rays

    • $20 copay for specialist visits

    • No annual deductible

    • No referral required to see a specialist

    • 100% coverage for hospital care

    • 100% coverage for most preventive care

    • Lower annual out-of-pocket maximum ($1,500/year)

    • More extras, including $0 fitness center membership, wellness incentives, meal delivery after a hospital stay, free transportation to doctor visits, a caregiver benefit, and more!

Additional resources

Here are some materials to help you understand this change:

FAQ - This document addresses common questions about the mandatory move from the Cigna Surround plan to the Cigna Medicare Advantage PPO


Plan comparison - We are making some important enhancements to the Medicare Advantage PPO for 2023. For example, we’re eliminating coinsurance; most medical services will either be no cost or have a $20 copay. This plan comparison shows how Medicare Advantage PPO benefits compare with Surround plan benefits.

Provider Outreach Form - If you're not sure your providers participate in the Medicare Advantage PPO network, Cigna will help you find out. Simply print, complete and submit this form according to the instructions on the form, and Cigna will let you know if your providers are in-network. If they are not the representative will reach out to your providers to explain how the plan works and answer any questions they may have. 

Exceptions Form - If you think you meet the criteria for an exception and wish to stay enrolled in the Surround plan, print, complete and submit this form to Employee Benefit Services according to the instructions on the form.



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