A hearing benefit, offered through Epic Hearing Health Care, is bundled with your medical/dental/vision coverage. The plan covers hearing exams and offers a benefit toward the purchase of hearing aids.

How the plan works

The plan covers a hearing exam at 100%, no copay required. It also pays a hearing aid benefit of up to $700 per ear when you use Epic’s network of providers. Plan features include:

  • Brand name hearing aids and professional care at 30%-60% below retail

  • Largest network of audiologists and ENTs in the country

  • Extended product warranty

  • Money-back guarantee trial period

  • Out-of-network coverage available


Visit epichearing.com/mnps for more information. Call 1-866-956-5400 to speak with a hearing counselor and get started. Hours are 8 a.m.-8 p.m. Central Time.

Hearing Health Wellness program

Epic’s Hearing Health Wellness program makes hearing aids are even more affordable. When you participate, you can save up to $400 — on top of your $700/ear MNPS benefit and Epic’s 30%-60% savings off MSRP. Simply visit listenhearlivewell.com and register with your name and email address. Then complete four fun hearing health activities and receive your reward coupon.





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