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Disability coverage continues a portion of your paycheck if a serious illness, injury or pregnancy keeps you from working. MNPS offers optional employee-paid short-term and long-term disability coverage through Dearborn National.

Short-term disability

Short-term disability coverage can help fill the gap between sick leave and long-term disability. Benefits generally begin after a 14-day waiting period. The plan pays 60% of your weekly earnings, up to $1,150/week. Benefits generally continue up to 13 weeks or until long-term disability begins, if earlier.

Long-term disability

Long-term disability benefits generally pick up where short-term disability leaves off. Benefits generally begin after 90 days of total disability (waiting period). The plan replaces 60% of your earnings, up to $5,000 a month. Certain limits apply. Benefits generally continue until your disability ends or you reach normal Social Security retirement age, whichever comes first. If you are age 62 or older when your covered disability begins, your benefits duration may differ. See the official plan documents for more information.

Pre-existing condition and other benefit limits

Disability benefits will not be paid for any disability resulting from a pre-existing condition. Pre-existing condition means a condition:

  • Resulting from a sickness or injury for which you received medical treatment, advice or prescriptions (even if the condition was not officially diagnosed) within 12 months prior to your effective date


  • Resulting in a disability that begins in the first 12 months after your effective date (for short-term disability) or 24 months after your effective date, unless you received no treatment for the condition for 12 consecutive months after your effective date (for long-term disability)


There are certain situations in which your disability benefits may be reduced or limited. For example, benefits may be reduced by any other disability benefits you are eligible to receive.

Filing a disability claim

If you become totally disabled, apply for benefits by contacting Dearborn National at 1-800-348-4512. If you need help filing a claim, contact Employee Benefit Services.



Do I need disability coverage?

  • Could you and your family make ends meet if you were unable to work? Disability coverage can help protect a portion of your income.

  • You may elect short-term disability during any annual enrollment without answering medical questions.

  • If you decline long-term disability coverage when first offered to you but choose to elect it at a future annual enrollment, you may be required to answer medical questions and be approved before your coverage becomes effective. If medical questions are required, you’ll be notified when you go online to enroll. 

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