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Health coaching

View our 2023 health coaching brochure

Have you ever wanted to sit down with an expert and get advice on how to improve some aspect of your health? Consider your wish granted. Here are a variety of coaching programs available to you — as an enrollee in the Certificated Employee Health Plan — most at no charge. Some programs are available to your covered dependents, too.* Participation is 100% confidential; no personal information is ever shared with MNPS.

Personal Health Coaching

Need some one-on-one help with a health concern or improvement effort? Our onsite health coaches are here for you ... at no cost to you! They provide confidential, personalized health coaching when you want to lose weight, improve your eating habits, quit tobacco, manage a chronic health condition (like diabetes, heart or respiratory disease or obesity), set goals or make other health improvements.


Meet Bobbi Nickel, RN, MSN

Bobbi Nickel is a Certified Health & Wellness Coach, Certified Holistic Health Coach and Certified Cancer Support Educator. She works through the Vanderbilt Health at MNPS Employee & Family Health Care Centers and is currently scheduling one-on-one coaching sessions. Her visits are currently being conducted via telehealth. Call 615-259-8755 or send a message through the  My Health at Vanderbilt portal to make an appointment with Bobbi.

Meet B.J. Reeves, BSN, RN

B.J. Reeves is an onsite health coach just for MNPS employees. She is currently scheduling one-on-one coaching sessions via virtual appointments, and she is available for in-person sessions at the MNPS Employee Wellness Center on Tuesdays and Fridays. In addition to the above areas, B.J. also provides personalized support for:

  • Time management challenges, which can lead to poor food choices

  • Financial stress, including food and/or housing insecurities

  • Medication issues, like affordability and side effects


Make an appointment with B.J. by calling 629-264-8052 (weekday hours are 7 a.m-3 p.m., leave a message other times). Or send her email at


As with all our health care providers, anything you discuss with our health coaches is completely confidential and private.

Weight Management Program

The Weight Management Program, offered through the MNPS Health Care Centers, provides personalized help for people with a BMI of 25 or greater who want to lose weight.


Enrollees who meet certain requirements can receive 50% reimbursement for:

  • Membership fees at an approved weight management program/organization (for example, The New Beginnings Center, WeightWatchers®, Jenny Craig®, YMCA, etc.)

  • One-on-one nutrition counseling with a registered dietician/nutritionist


To learn more about the Weight Management Program, view our program flier or contact Laura Vanderpool at 615-875-1966.

Also see Vanderbilt Health's MyWeightLoss Health Bundle program.


Omada lifestyle program

Diabetes prevention, type 1 and type 2 diabetes and high blood pressure management


If you live with diabetes and/or hypertension, or if you’re at risk for developing diabetes, this personalized program combines real human support with the latest technology so you can make lasting changes, one step at a time. Participants in the interactive Omada programs receive free wifi-connected devices to track progress, along with sessions with a professional health coach. Take a one-minute screener at to see if you qualify.



Meet one-on-one, via video visits, with a registered dietitian. You’ll get personalized nutrition guidance to help you learn how to eat smarter. You’ll also receive customized meal plans, a digital grocery

list and recipes to inspire you. Visit

Diabetes education and medical nutrition therapy

If you live with diabetes, knowing how to eat and/or manage your condition can be a puzzle. Now, you can meet one-on-one with a certified diabetes educator and go home with a personalized plan. You simply need a referral from your primary care provider or endocrinologist to access these services. The MNPS Health Care Centers can also provide a referral; call us at 615-259-8755.

Synchronous Health behavioral telehealth

Feeling stressed or overwhelmed is shaping up to be the new normal. It doesn’t have to be! Synchronous Health's behavioral telehealth program is a unique way of supporting your mental and emotional health. It all happens through your smartphone or device. You get one-on-one video sessions with a licensed counselor, plus between-session support and tools from an app called Karla. Visit to learn more and register. You’ll receive a text code to download the Karla® support app and take an initial assessment survey to prepare your journey.

Healthy Pregnancies, Healthy Babies®

This program helps you and your baby stay healthy during your pregnancy and in the days and weeks following your baby’s birth. As a participant, you will have opportunities for education and support through your entire pregnancy and after. Special features of Healthy Babies include:

  • Live support 24/7 from a registered nurse case manager where you can ask questions or get tips on everything from how to handle pregnancy discomfort to birthing classes and maternity benefits

  • Access to a library of maternity resources and tools that help you track your pregnancy week by week


Enrollment is as easy as calling toll-free 1-800-615-2906. You can even enroll before becoming pregnant. If you complete the program, you’ll be eligible to receive $500 if you enroll in your first trimester or $250 if you enroll in your second trimester.


You can also get the Cigna Healthy Pregnancy app: Healthy PregnancyTM app.

Cigna Health Advocates/Personal Health Team

Cigna health advocates are registered nurses, licensed behavioral clinicians, health educators, pharmacists, nutritionists and clinicians. They are all members of Cigna’s Personal Health Team and are standing by to help you set and achieve your health goals.


In addition to assistance with chronic conditions such as diabetes and heart and respiratory disease, health advocates can provide guidance on medications, low back pain, osteoarthritis, anxiety and depression. Call 1-877-459-9896 or visit


Lifestyle Management Programs®

This program provides free telephone coaching support when you want to quit tobacco, lose weight and/or better manage stress. It’s for people who prefer to connect with a coach by telephone, offering one-on-one coaching, convenient hours, and a program workbook and toolkit. Call 1-877-459-9896 or visit

My Health Assistant®

This program, powered by WedMD, offers free online coaching support for nutrition, exercise, losing weight, managing stress, managing a chronic condition, quitting tobacco and maintaining a positive mood. This program is for people who prefer to connect with a coach online. Visit

* All programs are available to covered adult dependents, except the Healthy Pregnancies program, which is available only to your covered spouse/partner. Covered children can participate in health coaching with Bobbi Nickel, Synchronous Health and Cigna Health Advocates.

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