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MNPS provides eligible employees with basic life/AD&D insurance through Dearborn National at no cost to you. Additionally, MNPS provides a $500 death benefit to all certificated employees (not including charter employees.) You may increase your coverage by electing supplemental life/AD&D and/or dependent life.

Basic employee life/AD&D

MNPS provides you with basic life/AD&D insurance equal to $50,000. This coverage is effective on the first day of the month following 30 days of employment.

What is AD&D?

The basic employee life and supplemental employee life policies have an AD&D (accidental death & dismemberment) rider. This additional benefit doubles the value of your life insurance coverage if you die in an accident. AD&D coverage also provides benefits if you survive an accidental injury but lose the use of a body part (such as the loss of an eye or limb).

Supplemental employee life/AD&D

You may elect supplemental life/AD&D coverage for yourself up to $500,000, in increments of $10,000. This amount is in addition to your basic life insurance. Premiums are based on your age, and you pay the full cost of any coverage you elect on an after-tax basis.

Dependent life

If enrolled in the MNPS medical plan, your spouse/domestic partner and dependent children automatically receive the following life coverage:

  • Spouse/domestic partner: $25,000

  • Each child age 6 months+: $10,000 (children 14 days to 6 months receive $5,000; children birth to 13 days receive $2,500)


If your dependents are not enrolled in the medical plan, you can elect this coverage on an after-tax basis.

Proof of good health

In certain cases, you (and/or your spouse/domestic partner) may be required to submit proof of good health (also called evidence of insurability, or EOI) to Dearborn National and be approved before coverage becomes effective. Proof of good health is required if:

  • You decline supplemental or spouse/domestic partner life when first eligible but wish to elect it later

  • You wish to increase your supplemental life coverage during annual enrollment or your total coverage exceeds the guaranteed issue amount of $300,000

Your beneficiary

It’s important to designate a beneficiary for your life/AD&D coverage. You may designate or update your beneficiary at any time by logging onto Benefit Express. The employee is the beneficiary for any dependent coverage. Need some help designating your beneficiary(ies)? View Dearborn National's Beneficiary Designation Guide for some helpful tips.

Benefit reductions

Basic and supplemental employee and spouse life benefits are reduced to 65% of the original coverage amount at age 65 and to 50% of the original amount at age 70. All benefits terminate at retirement.

Additional benefits

MNPS’s life insurance policies provide additional benefits in certain circumstances. For example: 

  • If you suffer a loss while in an automobile and wearing a seatbelt, an additional benefit of $10,000 will be provided. If you were also positioned behind an airbag, an additional $5,000 will be paid.

  • If you or your dependent under age 60 has more than $10,000 in coverage and been diagnosed with a terminal illness with a life expectancy of less than 12 months, you can request up to 100% of your life insurance proceeds prior to death.

  • If death occurs while traveling at least 75 miles away from your primary residence, a repatriation benefit of up to $5,000 will be provided for the transportation of the body or its preparation for cremation.

  • Additionally, grief, legal and financial counseling is available for beneficiaries at no charge through Dearborn National. Call 1-800-778-2281 to be directed to a beneficiary financial counselor.

Our life policies also provide child care benefits for surviving children under 12, a coma benefit for individuals who have been in a coma for a minimum of 31 days, dependent child education benefit that helps current students complete post-secondary education; and a spouse education benefit that can help a surviving spouse pay for higher education.


For more details on these benefits, visit Benefit Express to view the full policy.

Disability waiver of premium

If you become totally disabled before age 60 and your disability lasts for at least six months, you may qualify for a waiver of premium. You must provide proof of your disability within one year of your last day worked. Once approved, your coverage will continue without payment of premiums up to age 65, as long as you remain totally disabled. Premiums for your dependents’ coverage will also be waived, and coverage for your dependents will terminate when your policy terminates. Call 1-800-778-2281 for assistance with waiver of premium applications.

Filing a claim

To file a claim, contact Dearborn National at 1-800-348-4512. In the event of a life insurance claim, a certified copy of the death certificate is required. If you need help filing a claim, contact Employee Benefit Services at 615-259-8607.

Life and AD&D

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