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Health assessment incentive

A health assessment can provide valuable information to help you improve or maintain your health. If you (the employee) take this confidential, online questionnaire each year by the deadline, you will qualify for the lowest coverage premiums.

If you do not take the Cigna health assessment by the deadline, you will not qualify for the premium discount and will pay an additional $40/biweekly (if you work a 10-month schedule) or $37.50/biweekly (if you work a 12-month schedule). Spouse participation in the health assessment is not required at this time.

How to take the health assessment

  1. Go to and log in with your User ID and Password (or register for one if you’re a first-time user).

  2. From the homepage, select Health Assessment from the Wellness tab.

  3. Answer all questions. 


Health assessment Q&A


What is the health assessment?

The Cigna health assessment is a brief, confidential questionnaire that asks about your life, work satisfaction, stress level and overall health. Your answers generate a report with an explanation of any health risk factors you may have, which you can print and share with your doctor.

Who sees my answers?

Results of your health assessment and your individual answers are kept confidential and will not be shared with anyone at MNPS. In accordance with federal laws protecting your private health information, MNPS will receive a summary report from Cigna that does NOT include any personally identifiable information, but provides information such as the number of employees with certain conditions (diabetes, asthma, heart disease, etc.). Summaries like these help staff customize wellness programs for employees, but they never contain information that would identify you personally. You can view MNPS’s notice of privacy practices at Benefit Express.

If your health assessment reveals areas needing improvement because of a chronic health condition, you may be invited to work with an onsite health coach or Cigna health advocate.

If you’re contacted by a Cigna health advocate or an MNPS health coach after taking the health assessment, you can be assured they will never share your personal information with MNPS. While Center staff DO have access to your personal health information, MNPS staff DO NOT. The Centers are staffed with practitioners affiliated with Vanderbilt, who are bound by federal privacy laws like all health care providers. 

Does my covered spouse need to take it?

Spouse participation is welcome but not required to qualify for lower health plan premiums.

Are biometrics required?

Although biometrics are not required this year, it’s helpful to know your numbers when completing the health assessment. You can use your own physician, or you can have your biometrics measured at no cost to you at the MNPS Health Care Centers. If you had blood work done earlier this year, you can use those results to complete the health assessment.

What if I miss the deadline? Do I pay higher premiums all year?

If you are paying a higher premium because you did not take the health assessment by the deadline, you can still log on and take it anytime during the year to qualify for lower rates. But keep in mind that once the higher premium is added to your paycheck:

  • It can take up to two pay periods (~30 days) after you complete the assessment for your premium to be adjusted back to the lower rate.

  • There can be no refunds of the additional amount if you later take the health assessment.

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