Planning to retire?

Use this retirement checklist

When the time comes to retire, we want you to be ready. If you're within three years of retirement, take steps to plan for it now. This checklist will help.

Earn early notification incentive

February 28 is a deadline to remember. Teachers who plan to retire when their current fiscal year assignment is complete will receive a $500 early notification incentive and may qualify for an additional payout incentive for unused sick days if they return a Notice of Retirement Form to Employee Benefits Service no later than February 28. A few important things to know: 


  • Only those applying for a full or early service pension are eligible for the incentives (excludes disability or deferred retirement).

  • You do not have to sign all other retirement papers by this deadline.

  • If you revoke or rescind your intent to retire notice more than three business days after submitting it, you forever waive your right to the early notification and unused sick day incentives.

Get a benefit estimate

If you plan to retire in the next five years, you can request an estimate of your retirement benefits by calling Empower at 1-800-922-7772 or visiting retirereadytn.gov

See your 2019 Retirement Planning Guide for more details.



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