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Why you need a flu shot

In the space of one year, we watched a brand-new virus completely upend our lives, because there was no way to treat or prevent it. Then we witnessed firsthand the lifesaving power of vaccination, with the development of several COVID-19 vaccines. In just a few months, we saw illness, hospitalizations and death rates plummet.

What did we learn? This valuable lesson: The minor discomfort of a shot in the arm is a small price to pay to overcome a dangerous, and often deadly, virus. That’s true whether you’re getting vaccinated against COVID-19 or the seasonal flu.

Because of last year’s distancing and mask precautions, there were far fewer flu cases and deaths than usual. That’s good news and speaks to the power of prevention. But if we let our guard down, those numbers are expected to go right back up. Remember, you need a flu shot every year. Vaccines are adjusted annually to match the flu strains in circulation at that time. The closer the vaccine matches the strain, the more a shot will protect you. By getting a shot and reducing your own risk, you not only protect yourself — you also safeguard those around you.

Get your flu shot at one of MNPS’s 14 flu clinic events across Nashville. They’re in-person, free and no appointment is necessary. Get details here.


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