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Mama feelings are real

Updated: Apr 25

Amidst the excitement of pregnancy and the whirlwind of postpartum life, you might find yourself experiencing a range of emotions. In addition to feeling joy and excitement, you also might be feeling overwhelmed, sad, depressed or anxious. That is normal.

You’re going through a lot of big changes, and your mind is working hard to process it all.

For many women, these feelings last only a short time and eventually go away on their own. Some women, however, experience these emotions for a long time and will need help coping with them.

Your MNPS benefits package includes providers that focus on maternal mental health, all at no cost to you. Don’t hesitate to reach out. After all, when you take care of yourself, you’re also taking care of your baby.

Mamaya Health offers virtual (telehealth) therapy for issues such as perinatal depression, anxiety, trauma, "baby blues," feelings of isolation or overwhelm in pregnancy or parenthood, and pregnancy loss or grief.

MamaLift is an 8-week mobile app program that provides one-on-one coaching and 24/7access to self-help tools for your emotional and mental well-being during pregnancy or after delivery.

Mamaya Health and MamaLift are available at no cost to MNPS employees and their adult dependents (age 18+) enrolled in the Certificated Employee Health Plan.


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