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It’s not too late to avoid the tripledemic!

Protect yourself from flu, COVID-19 and RSV*

We’re in the peak of flu season. COVID-19 is working the rounds. And Tennessee has the highest rate of RSV infection and hospitalization in the country!


It might seem like everyone around you is sick. How can you avoid becoming one of them?


Get a flu shot. While fall is the best time to get vaccinated, getting the shot now can still protect you.


Get the updated COVID vaccine. The virus that causes COVID continues to change, and the updated vaccine can protect against the most recent variants.


Consider the RSV vaccine if you’re age 60+. One dose of RSV vaccine provides protection against RSV in adults age 60+ for at least two winter seasons. Talk to your provider about whether this shot is right for you.


Flu, COVID and RSV shots are available:

  • At any of the MNPS Health Care Centers. Make an appointment online or by calling 615-259-8755.

  • At Kroger Pharmacy in the Employee Wellness Center. No appointment is necessary.


Note: If you’re age 65+, you must get the RSV vaccine at a pharmacy; that includes our Kroger Pharmacy. The MNPS Health Care Centers can only provide the RSV vaccine to those under age 65.

*RSV stands for respiratory syncytial (sin-SISH-uhl) virus.


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