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View the 2024 Important Notices document here.

This website provides highlights of Metro Nashville Public Schools’ certificated benefits program. It is not intended to include all benefit plan details. Complete details about how the plans work are included in the plan documents, which are the legal publications that define eligibility, enrollment, benefits and administrative rules. Copies of the plan documents and insurance policies can be requested from Employee Benefit Services or by visiting Benefit Express. If you're logged into the MNPS network, click here and you can access Benefit Express without entering your login credentials.

If there are any differences between the information in this website and the plan documents, the plan documents will govern the employee’s or retiree’s rights to benefits in all cases. This document does not constitute a contract or offer of employment. MNPS reserves the right to change or end any of the plans or programs described in this brochure at any time. If you have any questions about MNPS’s benefits program, contact Employee Benefit Services.

Viewing plan documents /important notices

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