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Thursday, April 15 at 4:15 p.m. CST (duration: 45 minutes)

Presented by: Synchronous Health specialists Karen Brimeyer, LMFT, and Brian Gregory, LMFT


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Did you know there’s a strong connection between what you eat and your mental health?

We all tend to focus on our physical bodies and weight. But science has proven that what you eat affects your mind, too. In fact, a diet without "junk food" – such as processed, refined foods and sugars – can decrease the risk of depression by as much as 35%. In other words, a sugary snack might make you feel good in the moment but can actually worsen your anxiety and depression.


“We are a whole system,” says Synchronous Health Specialist Karen Brimeyer LMFT. “So, if one part is healthy, it stands to reason the other parts would be healthier, too.”


You’ll feel better if you improve your diet. Period.

Of course, you might think, “easier said than done.” Breaking bad habits and making changes generally don’t happen overnight. You can get a jumpstart by:

  • Learning three ways to feed your mind ... in a healthy way

  • Attending the How Food Affects your Mood webinar on Thursday, April 15 (details below)

  • Connecting with a specialist for even more support; visit or call 615-748-0625


If you’re ready to boost your mood, don’t wait. Start connecting the dots to what you eat.


How food affects your mood

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