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MNPS certificated employees and their dependents enrolled in the Certificated Employee Health Plan are eligible to participate in MyHealth Bundles by Vanderbilt Health. Participants must also meet certain bundle requirements.


Eight bundles are available. Each is designed to provide an enhanced healthcare experience with zero out-of-pocket costs. By completely reimagining the care experience and “bundling” all of the services needed to succeed with common or complex health conditions, this new approach provides additional support and convenience to ease many of the worries commonly associated with healthcare.


The benefits of bundles include:

  • Zero out-of-pocket costs

  • Dedicated patient navigator to guide patients through the process

  • High touch service

  • Enhanced scheduling

  • Telehealth services

  • Services provided by Vanderbilt Health providers


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Watch a recorded webinar about bundles

Watch an animated video that explains how bundles work


Bundles we offer

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MyMaternityHealth | Prenatal and post-natal care

MyMaternityHealth includes coordinated, proactive maternity care for the entire length of the pregnancy, from enrollment through the delivery, and 12 weeks after delivery. Highlights include: your choice of Vanderbilt Health midwives and physicians, free educational classes, telehealth visits and tele-lactation visits.

MyHearingHealth | Cochlear implant surgery for advanced hearing loss

This life-changing program bundles all the services needed for a successful procedure and recovery, providing patients with severe hearing loss with a faster, more simplified pathway to cochlear implant surgery. By eliminating unnecessary appointments and travel, the process is streamlined to a single day experience in many cases. Patients benefit from a respected team of specialists known for groundbreaking research and innovative treatment options.


MySpineHealth | Select spine surgeries

This innovative approach to spine surgery bundles all of the services needed for the fastest, most cost-effective treatment and recovery path for patients suffering from chronic back pain. The bundle includes three of the most common spine procedures: cervical fusion, lumbar fusion and lumbar laminectomy.


MyOrthoHealth | Joint replacement for hip and knee

The program covers hip and knee joint replacements, bundling all the care needed to speed recovery and get back to life and work quickly. The bundle eliminates unnecessary treatment and enhances recovery through the use of telehealth and an innovative digital care platform that delivers virtual rehab. In addition to virtual rehab, MNPS employees are eligible to participate in in-person rehab at any one of our five MNPS Health Care Centers.

Osteoarthritis of hip and knee

This bundle helps patients get the most appropriate treatment for pain caused by osteoarthritis of the hip or knee. It includes a personalized plan that combines imaging, physical therapy and complementary therapies to explore whether a non-surgical approach will achieve desired results.

Shoulder pain 

This bundle helps patients get the most appropriate treatment for shoulder pain not caused by accident or injury. It includes up to 16 weeks of physical therapy to explore whether a non-surgical approach will achieve desired results. If surgery is determined to be the best course, the bundle includes surgery, pre-op and post-op visits and rehab.

MyWeightLossHealth | Surgical weight loss

This program provides a streamlined and personalized approach to bariatric surgery and recovery. The Vanderbilt Health team works with you to develop a customized care plan that combines surgery, nutrition, exercise and psychological support to ensure success. Vanderbilt surgeons also use the most advanced laparoscopic surgical options for weight loss surgery.

Medical weight loss 

This bundle provides patients with a non-surgical approach to weight loss. Patients work with a skilled team to achieve meaningful weight loss through a combination of lifestyle therapies and medication. It’s designed for patients with severe obesity who may not go forward with weight loss surgery.

MyHealth Bundles by Vanderbilt

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