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COVID-19 has introduced lots of hurdles to daily life – from how we buy groceries … to how we see a doctor … to how we cope with isolation (or a little too much togetherness) at home.

Unfortunately, we can’t help with the toilet paper shortage, but we can help make sure your benefits support you through these times. 


Employee Benefit Services and the MNPS Employee & Family Health Care Centers are working daily to do just that – from expanding telehealth options to rolling out new emotional wellbeing programs you can do at home.

This document contains details about how the following have changed because of COVID-19:

  • Certificated benefits and coverage

  • MNPS Health Care Centers (clinics)

  • Telehealth (now available at our clinics!)

  • Emotional wellbeing resources

  • Physical wellbeing resources

  • COVID-19 resources

COVID-19 & your MNPS benefits

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